Bushcrafters Firelighting Badge

This week has seen a number of Bushcrafters from the Thursday Junior Bushcrafters and the Friday Junior Bushcrafters achive their firelighting badge. He badge was designed to give the Bushcrafters real achievment as it is a very difficult badge to earn.

Outdoor Education does not have to stop their. The badge has been designed to offer a full range of skills including safety in the home.

It has been a long process earning the firelighting badge, however that was the idea. Each and everyone of the Bushcrafters has achieved so much. We know that some adults would have struggeled with the programme. Everyone sound feel so happy and proud. I know we do!!!

We have more Bushcrafters that are busy earning their firelighting badge and you will get all the encouragment and even cheering from us all.

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