Surviving the Stone Age


Spend an exciting morning, afternoon or full day exploring the talents and ways of  Stone Age man.   
Choose some or all of the following to tailor your experience:- 
  • Look at hand made flint knives and tools 
  • Feel and examine the resin glue, antler, sinew and flint to discover how they were adapted (made by Back to Basics)
  • Build basic primitive shelters
  • Learn how these shelters were adapted to form bigger and better structures
  • Fire lighting demonstrated using items available at the time 
  • Hot chocolate to warm up with and a chance to discuss the day.
All the above can take place in your setting.  We are able to bring, provide and adapt our sessions to suit you.   
We use primitive Back to Basic skills and knowledge learnt to adapt and provide a stimulating, hands on and fun outdoor learning experience to compliment the national curriculum.


Mr Loome on Dec 07, 2015

In terms of the children learning about the trials of life, Mr Earle was able to explain to them very well how difficult it is nowadays to survive in the wild so they could consider the difficulties Stone Age man would have experienced. They enjoyed every element of the session and, even though the weather was awful, were excited and eager to take part in every activity. It is so very difficult to find experiences which the children can use to relate to life so long ago but they were definitely able to following this experience. Even now, weeks later, they still talk about the amazing tools and artefacts that Mr Earle brought in (and let them handle) and how difficult it must've been to craft such items with basic tools. Great day, we all learned a lot.


Mr Brown, Year 3 teacher, Bradwell on Dec 04, 2015

Mr Earle came to our school for a 'Surviving the Stone Age' morning. He enthralled 60 children from Year 3 & 4 with his enthusiasm and expert knowledge helping to bring the past alive. The children absolutely loved it and learnt many new skills. They were brimming with pride at the fact that they had lit their own fires (the adults were too)! He topped it all off with delicious hot chocolates and team den building. The children didn't want to stop for lunch! We also got to handle Stone Age tools and learn about how they were made and used. I cannot recommend Mr Earle enough.



Kate Grey on Nov 03, 2015

Jonathan ran two workshops ( back to back) for two classes of mixed ability pupils on our school playing field. He provided all resources and led the session fully.
During the session, pupils were engaged and enthused by the hands on artefacts and activities.
Pupil's later remarked how much they had enjoyed the session and how they felt they had 'lived the Stone age'